Our Team

Jos Theuns


Jos Theuns is the director of ATEPS Nederland BV. He has a broad international experience in industrial automation and batteries. Used for the last 25 years, he has worked at Rockwell Automation, General Electric and Thales, among others, and specialized in Lithium Ion batteries was the main focus. He has also gained extensive knowledge of other technologies such as lead acid batteries, super capacitors and other electrochemical systems.

With his technical knowledge and experience, he is an important link in the systems that ATEPS offers.

Jaap Langius

Technical Manager

Jaap Langius is our technical manager and responsible for the construction of the storage systems that are built by ATEPS. Jaap has gained his international experience in India and Indonesia where he has been involved in various renewable energy projects and other technological developments.

His experience in remote areas, where qualified personnel are hard to find, helps ensure that the ATEPS systems are also easy to maintain and do not require extensive knowledge for most tasks.

George Müller

Business Propositions

George is responsible for business propositions within Ateps. Looking for the best solutions for our customers in the field of energy transition, sustainability, smart buildings and energy storage. As an experienced technical marketer, he worked worldwide for companies such as Ericsson. He studied at TU Delft and graduated with a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Some years later he graduated as Master of Real Estate at the University of Amsterdam. At home he enjoys sailing with his family on the “Reeuwijk lakes” in a fully electric boat.

Winnie Yan

Manager Asian Region

Winnie Yan offers support to the ATEPS team as a link between our international suppliers and customers. With over 20 years of experience in the battery industry, she has gained extensive knowledge and is well qualified. She studied English and business administration at Beijing University.

Susanna Houben

Office Manager

Susanna Houben is our new office manager at ATEPS. With her extensive experience in the field of finance, relationship management and project management, she is an added value for our team. She is the contact person for all internal and external customers and will help you wherever possible.

Susanna likes to take city trips with her husband and 2 children. She also likes taking long walks in nature combined with photography.

Norbert Csulik

Installation Technician

Norbert Csulik, Hungarian by birth, has been living in the Netherlands for more than 10 years and has all the certification required for the professional construction and installation of electrical installations. This father of 2 children is a real ‘early riser’ and can often be found shortly after 7 in the workshop of ATEPS where he builds and tests the cabinets and systems. .