Peak shaving

Peak-Shaving is a technology that allows you to considerably reduce the contracted costs with your energy company. You do this by capturing your peak moments of, for example, starting a machine. Peak-Shaving systems are available in large and small installations that are configured as parallel input or serial input.

Our pwr boosters are built in a 19 “cabinet with a 30kW inverter and 13 batteries with a capacity of 35kWh. Depending on your wishes, one or more cabinets can be placed. Below we give you a number of examples that probably don’t sound unfamiliar:

Automotive dealerships:

Commonly found issues

    • Increasing demand for electric charging
    • Most have a small grid connection
    • Adding PV will not always solve this issue it can increase the issues due to congestionSolution
    • Store PV energy for later use
    • Peak shave high power needed for EV-chargers
    • Prevent costly grid-connection upgrades

Yacht Harbors:

Commonly found issues

    • ICE engines are no longer allowed to run for on-board power while docked
    • Grid connection too small for higher power requirements
    • A greener image is sought for this industry


    • Have PV energy available after sun-down
    • Use storage systems as peak shaver so no grid-upgrade needed

EV-Charge areas:

Commonly found issues

    • Current inner-city infrastructure often limits EV-power and/or number of vehicles that can charge simultaneously
    • Enhancing the network cost is very high
    • SME (MKB) will have issues with streets being ripped-up and reduced traffic for their shopsSolution:
    • Use storage systems as peak shaver so no grid-upgrade needed
    • Contracted power can be better managed
    • Congestion is prevented

Outdoor Cabinet

For applications that need to be installed outside such as charge-buffers for electric vehicles, ATEPS offers a special outdoor cabinet.

This cabinet is equipped with an integrated climate control unit, the batteries, the converter and the control system. Depending on the local situation, communication can be done via wired- or 4G-internet.


  • Dimensions: 1200x1000x2250mm
  • Class: IP54/NEMA 3R
  • Climate Control: integratd, incl. humidity control
  • Temperature range: -40 / +60ºC
  • Voltage: 400V – 3 phase
  • Power: 30kW
  • Capacity: 35kWh
  • Certifications: G99/VDE4105/AS4777

Parallel input

With parallel input, the Energy storage system is connected to the main input point of power, usually an MV transformer, where a very fast meter is connected to the main connection. As soon as the power reaches a critical level, the converters provide extra energy. This method is very functional in larger applications where multiple random machines can generate peaks. Each peak is measured and monitored.

Serial input

Serial input can be used for applications where the machine that makes the peak is connected in series with the peak-shaving system. In that case, the system will only be started if this individually connected device causes a peak in power during start-up. In most cases, installation is easier because few or no changes to the existing wiring are required.