The Netherlands

Thanks to years of experience in the solar market, we know which issues there are. With this experience we are able to create solutions and support our clients from start to finish. That’s where we make the difference.

Based on your wishes we calculate the optimal battery configuration. This calculation consists a combination of PV revenues, grid capacity, investment and income.

Zonnecomfort supplies the solar panels as roof coverings and thereby uses a different approach. This approach is architectural, and holds clear responsibilities and guarantees. For applications that would benifit from storage, we also offer an interated aproach for this.

Teslandi.Pro specialises in energy concepts where storage of energy plays a very big role.  Returns on renewable energy can boost your investment by storage concepts designed by Teslandi.Pro and partners. Several business models can generate income, besides subsidially measures (Netherlands) and fiscal aids to entrepeneurs, all of which we can advise you about. Read more about our energy storage.

Teslandi.Pro also offers innovative solutions for your current heating and cooling facilities, replacing or supporting fossil fuel installations.


Freber’s engineers and customer service teams work closely with developers and engineers at customers both at home and abroad. We offer our customers design process from A to Z with local project management and support, 3D design, 3D prototype, testing and customer service with a short line of communication to our customers.

We have developed our expertise in electronics customization for many years. An ever-changing industry that has created a growing need for knowledge and adaptability. Freber wants to be a comprehensive supplier and partner for our customers. We believe that our customers benefit from using us early in a development / planning phase.


Freber was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Drammen near Oslo, Freber is a wholly owned Norwegian company.

Based on complete customer design, since the start in 1984, Freber has built up a strategic contact network in Asia, Europe and the United States with ISO certified manufacturers. With these we have volume production, with relevant approvals, in the areas of medicine, defense and the maritime sector.


VISION: As an Entreneer (Merge of Entrepreneurship & Engineering) business developer our passion is to open the doors for innovative companies by fusioning R&D and Application on the right place & time.
MISSION: Providing Leading-edge-technology from Europe to Turkey as well as Sourcing and Engineering services from Turkey to Europe