Energy policy and climate protection policy

Energy policy and climate protection policy

Did you know that worldwide only 3% of electricity capacity is stored by utilities?

The climate objectives have now been tightened a number of times. It turns out that it is not that easy to achieve these standards. To meet current climate goals, the energy storage capacity must triple to 450GW by 2050.

Since the discovery of electricity, effective methods of storing energy have been sought for on-demand use. In the early 90s there were already batteries which could be used for storage. For decades, the energy storage industry has continued to evolve, adapt and innovate in response to the changing energy needs and technological advancements.

There are now a huge number of government and private initiatives to utilize solar and wind energy and the importance of storage, in various forms, is now becoming increasingly important.

But there is a huge problem. At this moment we produce more and more green clean energy but we don’t have the capacity to store. A missed opportunity. The profit of green electricity vanish into thin air because wind farms and solar parks shut down on regularly basis because we produce too much.

Strange isn’t it?

Energy storage allows us to use energy more effectively and minimize carbon emissions. However, there is a risk that this transition will delay because of various obstacles such as the current double energy tax.

What challenges are there to accelerate the energy transition?

The most important challenges to overcome are common misconceptions about the cost, security and commercial availability of storage technologies.

Within our societies there are groups of people who are now more willing to apply new technologies than others. They feared the freedom of unconditional sources such as energy because it must be available anytime, anywhere. But sustainability also means daring to look at other possibilities and also look at yourself. With some help from the government, a transfer to electric cars is upcoming. And for a while now we have seen more and more electric bicycles and other vehicles. Nowadays cars also run on hydrogen.

It’s a “state of mind”

The experts know that energy storage will make an essential contribution to current climate change.