Are data centers large energy consumers?

Over years we collect more and more data. Big data centers are needed. In 2020 there are now more than 200 data centers in the Netherlands and it is growing every year. On average about 10 to 15% per year. What we don’t realize is that these companies consume a lot of energy.

Research shows that over 60% of the costs consist of the electricity bill.
In Amsterdam, the epicenter of data centers, consumption is just as high as that of 700,000 households per year.
Worldwide data centers consume allready 2% of the total energy network.

Data centers have been ordered to limit their electricity use.
With this assignment they did manage to keep the usage the same while the size has doubled.
A decent performance but certainly not enough.

In order to maintain this performance, a number of projects have been started in the Netherlands since March 2019 in collaboration with the government, universities and companies.
The use of DC voltage to limit conversion losses is also being studied.

A few examples of projects that are now running are:
– operate systems in eco mode
– store heat and lead it to the houses with large pipes
– installing solar panels
– cooling blocks on the chips of the servers to cool them because they create the most heat

Research that is still in the pioneering phase is creating more space to store data:
– in glass (Hitachi)
– in SSD flashcards (experiment Facebook)

The research costs are high, the test phases take a long time and the growth must continue. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages.
Storage therefore revolves around a combination of technologies.

A quick solution and a major efficiency improvement can be achieved by adding one or more large energy storage systems (ESS) of at least 1MW. These systems offer stable security and ensure that the electricity costs are immediately reduced. You can store your clean energy, generated by wind turbines or solar panels, and use it for peakshaving. And there are even possibilities to sell your energy.

A one-time investment and immediate return.

BE SMART, invest in your future.