Neighbourhood Batteries

Neighbourhood batteries

Did you know that solar panels do not always achieve their profitability?

Many neighborhoods built in the sixties and seventies are not suitable for a high percentage of PV panels. In neighborhoods connected via a single phase, the PV converters often reach their maximum voltage and therefore switch off. This has a major impact on the payback time for the owners of the PV plant and changing this situation is often too difficult. Connecting the houses to a three-phase network will help, but this would also mean that the owners have to buy a three-phase PV converter.

A neighbourhood battery is a good solution because it can allow the individual houses to be charged on the 1-phase network and this can save generated energy. Depending on the agreement with the local network operator, this energy can be supplied back to the original generating households or used for other applications such as peak shaving, energy trading or FCR.