Energy Trade

Energy trade

Do you want to sell your energy when the price on the energy exchanges is profitable?

This can be achieved by storing solar and wind energy in the ESS developed by ATEPS.

The systems used for this must be equal to or larger than 1 MW because you can become a supplier to an energy company.

ATEPS builds these systems in a 20 or 40-foot container that is connected directly to an MV transformer. The system is well protected because it continuously measures various parameters to prevent overloading of the MV transformer.

A 3rd party, also known as the energy trader, can buy or sell your energy on the stock exchange. The system receives a new price on a frequent basis and follows the orders.

The price on the energy exchanges can vary greatly. This may be due to differences in supply and demand or incorrectly indicated predictions initiated by companies that offer sustainable energy on the energy exchange.

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