Charge buffers

Charge buffers

Driving electric is the future!

The big advantage of electric driving is that there is much less CO2 emissions during use. Generating and storing your own energy is one of the most sustainable ways to charge the battery.

Electric cars that completely functioning on green energy emit 70% less CO2 per kilometer than a fuel car.

A considerable benefit for the environment!

An increasing number of car dealers do have PV panels but are asked by network operators to stop feeding back the PV energy because of local congestion. Most car companies have a small-scale consumer connection (<80A, in many cases only 35A) because the energy consumption is low.

The manufacturers and dealers do not want to confront the customer directly with the infamous “range anxiety”. They only want to send the customer on the road with a fully loaded car.

ATEPS offers the ultimate solution:
The ATEPS Power Booster ™ offers the possibility of adding 30, 60, 90 or 120kW of extra power on a small 35 or 80A (respectively 24 and 96kW) mains connection.

This allows you to load 1 or more EVs without increasing the power connection.

Good for the environment and good for your wallet too.