ATEPS develops, builds and supplies systems based on batteries that store energy. We call this an Energy Storage System (ESS).

Energy transition is an international policy goal to use sustainable energy operating by 2050. This amounts to around 40,000 wind turbines and 1500 km² of solar panels. On top of that we also have the coalition agreement in which nearly half of CO2 emissions will be reduced in 2030.

This is of great importance for the business community, so now is the time to make the transition to sustainable energy. But did you know that smart investment and sustainability can go well together?

ATEPS has the solution for you! We make sustainable energy storage accessible, safe and attractive through smarter management of electrical energy. Save energy when it is available and use it at a later time.

The modular structure of ATEPS systems are suitable for both small and larger customers.

Do you want to make an important contribution to a cleaner planet and invest in a changing energy market and have you become curious as to what ATEPS can do for you?

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Our Energy Storage Systems

PWR Booster (Peak Shaving)

A new machine that requires more energy than your mains connection allows? Preventing high costs for contracted power?

ATEPS Peak-Shaving systems

Charge Buffers

An office where more and more employees will be driving electrically? A car dealer who sees his trade change towards more EVs? Too small grid connection? ATEPS has compact systems that can be used as a buffer to charge quickly.

Neighbourhood Batteries

Entire residential areas rely on natural gas and get more homes with PV energy. You can save and use it locally with an ATEPS Neighbourhood battery. This prevents congestion and uses energy from your own neighbourhood.

Containerised systems up to 40 Feet

The storage and (later) trading of this energy offers the possibility to receive considerably more than the usual compensation for the kWs supplied to the grid.

OEM Systems

Your own concept for energy trading or storage? No or limited technical knowledge available? ATEPS can help you develop OEM concepts and products for your specific application or market.

Special Projects

Anything other than usual? Storage for a special application? No standard products that suit you? Contact ATEPS, a cup of coffee and a good conversation is always possible.



Calculating, sizing, power and capapcity, we calculate the optimum size for your energy storage system.


>25 years experience in batteries and (power)electronics. Installed systems in many countries.


Competitively priced systems that meet safety requirements and specifications.


“No nagging” guarantee and remote monitoring for optimum availability.


Years of experience with green energy, storage systems and their applications mean security for you!


You and your team will be involved in the project both beforehand, during design and installation.

Energy Traders

In many cases, so-called ‘program responsible parties’ are required for controlling energy storage systems.
Because of the open interface of the ATEPS Energy Storage Systems, we can communicate with many companies through secure protocols.
These parties trade with your energy in the EPEX / Imbalance markets in order to give added value to the stored PV or wind energy.